Our particular branch of the MacAlister family descends from Scotland through a line whose earliest member that we can trace is Patrick McCollister who was born in Scotland in 1645 and emigrated to pre-United States North America to live in Maryland. He belongs to a lineage referred to by the Clan McAlister of America as the P01 line.

I am not certain why our ancestors left Scotland except that history tends to implicate the crack down of the government attempting to subjugate the seperate nations that share the land with the Scots into a single centrally governable body. This combined with economic hardship is often attributed as the major contributing factors which might have begun to create in the minds of our travellers the idea that the grass had to be greener on the other side of the Atlantic.

I would like to think that a sense of adventure and opportunity was permeating in the minds of Patrick's family. There is of course, no way to know for certain, but if MacAlister's of the present are any indication of MacAlister's of the past then I believe it's conceiveable that a sense of adventure may have played a decisive role in leaving their homeland to make the journey across the sea to a new world.