"The story of tartan and the history of Scotland are intertwined like the pattern of tartan itself. Although the date of the origins of tartan is not known, the clan system in Scotland started around the 12th century.

Tartan's complex design of interwoven patterns and the interplay of colours reflect the intricate nature of Celtic art. Different colours and varying patterns began to develop as the weavers in each area or clan developed their individual patterns and colours used depended on the dyes available in the area.

MacAlister Tartan- This is the pattern and colors associated with out family.
So particular styles of tartan began to be associated with an area or clan. Following the disintegration of the clan system after the second Jacobite rising in 1745, the wearing of the tartan became illegal, except in the Highland Regiments.

The old loyalties never truly died away and building on the honour achieved by the courageous fighting of the Highland Regiments, the wearing of tartan began to be endorsed by the Royal Court. This, combined with the dispersal of the Scots due to the Highland Clearances carried the story of Tartan to a global stage. The fascination with tartan now spans the world and is one of the most remarkable social phenomena... "

-Ingles Buchan (Textiles) Ltd.