This excerpt comes from an email sent to me by John McCollister. I was ecspecially interested because this was the first that I'd heard about the indentured servitude aspect and found that interesting, especially considering how many of us live today. Imagine what it must take to dispose a person to step out of the familiar aspects of their life, and go to another country, unsure of what might await, but to be so sure about doing it that they'd commit to a seven year debt of servitude.

"My ancestor is Patrick McCollister and I am a newly chosen member of CMA's Board of Directors. I am also the "line coordinator" of the Patrick 01 line.

My grandmother McCollister told me that Patrick's father immigrated to Dorchester County, (now Cambridge) on Maryland's Eastern Shore, as an indentured servant with a seven year service obligation to pay for his passage. Various authors state that nine out of ten Scots--and Scotch Irish--came to these shores in that manner.

One of Patrick's sons, Andrew, then his son James, then Robert, then Charles, Robert, James Edwin, John Milton my father. Charles was born in Baltimore in 1799, moved to South Central Ohio, Pike and Ross Counties, then to Johnson County,(Iowa City) Iowa in 1855.

My wife Nanette Stokes McCollister and I live in Omaha, Nebraska We have three sons and nine grandchildren. I would like to know the details of your ancestry. Also, I have been told that Patrick, Senior, was born in Scotland in 1645 but I do not know what evidence of that exists. Can you enlighten me?"

-John Yetter McCollister

(My information comes mostly from my grandfather. I believe most of his data comes from records kept by the LDS Church (as any genealogist knows, the church keeps one of the worlds most formidable collections of ancestral data in existence.) I have seen the record while I was fiddling with the computer at the Genealogical Library in SLC, but I don't know if it contains data indicating a source, or supporting documentation. So, I am not sure what evidence exists that Patrick (Sr.) was born at this time or place. I am curious where this information originates from as well. Patrick (Sr.) is where our information ends, but I would very much like to get past this block and learn more about Patrick (Sr.), his parents, and family. If anyone is aware of more information please let me know, thanks!)